Fleabag is for anyone and here is why.


A response piece to Ellen E Jones’s article in the Guardian on the 20th April ’19 @MsEllenEJones

Ellen starts her article by telling everyone that Fleabag is only for posh girls and I have a huge problem with that.

Firstly I am not a posh girl and I loved Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s Fleabag.

Unlike Ellen I could relate, I felt and I understood her work despite not having a huge bank balance.

Secondly by telling women or anyone for that matter that something is not for them is excluding them from it.
It puts people down, it puts them off watching it, it tells women they are not good enough, not smart or rich enough to understand what another woman from a wealthy background has to say. Well it is for them and I call bullshit on your bullshit.

We should be encouraging each other to see every kind of women in every kind of job.

I believe that we should see and hear from the complete spectrum of women in media but she doesn’t back up her point with any reasonable reason. It’s just an attack on the writers wealth and it does take away from how well written and acted it is and it is just wrong to do that.

Yes we need to see other types of women succeed in writing, in film and everywhere but we should also supporting the ones who make it and who are there and not under estimate who can relate to them. You never know who could see this and aspire to write, to create, to act or even have their own issues validated and seek help.

This article reads like when you read the back of a book and try to write a whole book review. She missed all the good parts and any of the real emotions, issues and plot. Her last point about the step mother proves that.

A posh women’s experiences are still experiences and are valid. Please do not let us undervalue each other’s voices like this, we need to grow and learn to help one another grow.

I just don’t understand how losing a beloved friend or having family problems, fucking up, heartbreak and not knowing where you are going in life is not universally relatable.

We all experience these things in life despite what we have in our banks.

Big house to look forward to or not.

Money is not a cure all. It provides many a privilege but rarely does it solve mental health issues, relieve a broken heart or lessen the pain of losing someone you love.

Illustration ‘Help each other grow’ By Kathleen Brown


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