The Joy of Painting large scale watercolours.

Recently I have been able to upgrade my materials a little bit.

I bought some lovely Squirrel Mop brushes available at

and I LOVE them.

If you are a watercolour artist you should have at least one in your kit honestly you will love it!

I also got some Hot pressed watercolour paper by Fabiano Artistico and I even splurged in some more beautiful watercolours and with that it brought more excitment more experimentation in my work and has taken me to new places, and by new I mean? Big places.

I am scaling up ( who knows where it will stop) and feeling more free with my expression than ever before because of it.

I am loving making huge flower shapes and watching the paint saturate the paper on this scale with spring flowers. I love the feeling of being dwarfed by nature and surrounded by a home made and super sized garden. I could almost be in Paris surrounded by Monets waterlilies which are and forever will be a beautiful and powerful inspiration in my work.

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